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Unlock the Beauty of Your Outdoor Space

At Undercover Systems® of the Heartland, we are dedicated to providing top-notch installation of steel under deck ceiling and waterproofing system. We believe that your outdoor space has the potential to be beautiful and functional. Let us help you unlock that potential and create the outdoor space of your dreams.

Deck with White Undercover Systems Waterproof Under-Deck Ceiling


Deck with White Undercover Systems Waterproof Under-Deck Ceiling

What is an Under Deck?

An under deck is commonly referred to as the "catch all" for lawn equipment, but typically never known as a living space. 

The area under your deck is often underused as a living space for a few reasons. Looking up at an unfinished surface of deck joists isn't anyone's dream view. Plus the gaps in your decking allow rain water to run through, so the ceiling over your head isn't much of a ceiling. 

Undercover Systems® solve both of these problems in one clean shot. Undercover Systems® creates a beautiful, finished ceiling for your deck or patio area while also draining water away and keeping your under deck space dry and cozy. 

Why Undercover Systems®?

Many products trap humidity, moisture, and debris in the cavity between the ceiling and the deck, which is simply an unhealthy environment for the deck structure. The other enormous issue with virtually all other products is the lack of access to the space between the ceiling and the deck. It is inevitable that the homeowner will need to get access to the space between the ceiling and the deck at some point for additional cleaning, deck inspection or maintenance, retrieve something that may have fallen into the ceiling, or deal with insects that go down between the gaps in the decking. 

With nearly all products, these issues can only be addressed by removing decking from above or a major removal of the ceiling from the underside. Our system will provide a beautiful transformation of space under the deck without fear that our product will reduce the life of the deck,  and at the same time, our system allows homeowners access to the space between the ceiling and the deck without enormous hassles of removing decking or removing the entire ceiling. 

The System allows for proper ventilation under the deck, as it does not attach directly to the underside (joists). The panels are completely removable for future access, which enable debris removal or even future construction. The patio cover also protects your home against under deck erosion, splashback, and water leaking into your hours. 

Top/side view of Undercover Systems Waterproof Under-Deck Ceiling Panels
Man standing on top of Undercover Systems Waterproof Under-Deck Ceiling panels to show their strength.
View inside of Undercover Systems Waterproof Under-Deck Ceiling Panels showing spacing between ceiling system and deck joists.

What is our underdeck design?


Our system is unique. 

No part of this system attaches to the underside of the deck and it's made from strong 22 gauge steel. All installation work is done below the existing deck and deck boards and attaches to the support posts of the deck (NOT your deck joists) using an engineered 'clear span system. This allows the space under the deck to be protected from water and debris, keeping it clean and dry. 

A steel gutter system will be applied and attached with slope, then a seal coat is applied.  A 'flat panel' ceiling system is then installed.

There will be a few inches of space between the deck joists and the under deck ceiling to allow airflow and helps keep the area dry and prevent moisture from damaging the deck material. The gentle slope built into the system helps to drain away any additional moisture collected. 

Each under deck is uniquely customized for each home. There are no two alike. Our design will be customized to fit your deck exactly. 

Undercover Systems® allows you to reclaim the space under your deck and create the outdoor living space that you have always dreamed of. 

The Process

Benefits of an Undercover System®


Compare and Decide

Undercover Systems®


-Our Patented Design allows for our ceiling to be supported by the gutter system. Our gutter/support system attaches around the inside perimeter of your deck. This keeps the top of our ceiling open so that water and debris can exit the ceiling without any impediments blocking the natural flow of material from the ceiling. This allows for air to flow freely between the top of our ceiling and the bottom of your deck. This is important for drying out after the rain. 


-We use 22 Gauge Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel, coated to our specifications with a Dura-Coat Polyester Paint for both the gutters and panels. The material will not rust and is approved for attachement to decks by National and State level deck codes.


-All of our installers are Undercover Systems trained in our unique design and we do not sub-contract out any of the work.

Customer service

-We founded our company on sound customer service. We are on time with appointments. Our installers are neat, courteous, and informative. We clean up and leave only the neat, clean, ceiling as evidence that we have been to your home. Any warranty issues are addressed promptly and with resolve. 


-We have the best warranty in the business. See our Warranty Page.


-All projects, no matter where they are installed around the country, are reviewed by the Home Office of Undercover Systems®. If they have any concerns or questions, the dealers are made aware and a resolution is made prior to production fo the project. 

Personal Guarantee

-You have our promise that you will be happy with our product and service.  



-All of the systems that we are aware of, attach to the underside of your deck. We are of the opinion that direct attachment to the deck will cause your deck to age prematurely. Also the direct attachment is a problem with air flow and slows down the drying process after a rain.


-What we see most often with other products is a light guage aluminum standing seam panel or aluminum flashing formed and emptying into regular house gutters. The material is purchased from stock and is not engineered for the purpose in which it is being used. Aluminum is not an approved metal for attachement to under deck areas because of "galvanic reaction" with copper preservative in Pressure Treated wood. Copper will destroy aluminum in a relatively short time. 

-Vinyl is another common product on the market. It does not hold up over a very long period of time or withstand the temperature fluctuations of the Midwest. It is a short-term solution.


-By using "off the shelf" materials, installation is by a trial and error method. Some of these suppliers will sell material to anyone without regard for their level of expertise.

Customer service

-Customer Service is the single most complaint most of us have when dealing with companies. 


-We have never seen any warranties that compare with Undercover Systems®.


-In most cases, installers are left to their own devices to resolve any problems. 

Personal Guarantee


Our Quality Guarantee

At Undercover Systems® of the Heartland, we stand by the quality of our workmanship. We use only the highest quality materials and our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that your project exceeds your expectations. We are committed to providing you with the outdoor space of your dreams.

It's time for a change. Transform your outdoor space today. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and estimate.

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